Frequently Asked Questions

2. Do I have to be home when you clean?
3. Is your cleaning schedule reliable?
4. How do I make payment?
5. Do I have to commit to a long-term contract?
6. Will I be assigned a regular domestic assistant? If she resigns or goes on leave, what will happen?
7. Are your housekeepers trustworthy? How do you screen them?
8. What kind of professional training do the housekeepers go through?
9. Do you use your own products?

1. How is Spick n’ Span International different from the rest of the professional cleaning companies out there?

Impeccable housekeeping coupled with outstanding service is the hallmark of Spick n’ Span International. We take great pride in our work which comes with a personal touch suited to the needs of every single client. Spick n’ Span International operates on the basis of excellence in customer service, enhancement in employees’ welfare and preservation of our natural environment. We maintain very strong personal ties with all our customers and constantly seek to exceed their expectations.