Housekeeping Services

Vacuuming/ Sweeping/ Mopping Floors

Cleaning Kitchen

Washing Bathrooms/Toilets

Changing Bedding

Tidying rooms

Clearing Trash

Washing Dishes

Light Ironing

Washing/ Hanging Out Clothes

Cleaning Windows

  Other housekeeping services are available upon request

Our Valued-Added Services

1)  Window Cleaning
Are your windows screaming for a makeover? Allow us to work our magic on your windows with the proper cleaning solutions and equipment. Time to shine we say!
2) Steam Cleaning
We believe that Your World Deserves The Best, and in steam cleaning, they don't come better then the OSIM iEcologi. Inspired by Nature, the OSIM iEcologi uses steam to sanitise and disinfect all surfaces, killing germs, bacteria and even house dust mites, a cause of allergies and asthma.
3) Carpet Shampooing:
Is your carpet screaming for attention? Most people are shocked at the amount of hair, dust and dirt that comes out of their carpets. And think of all that bacteria spreading to the rest of your home and your loved ones! With regular care and cleaning, you can be assured of the upmost hygiene for your family. In the shortest time, our carpet cleaning service will leave your carpets so clean, you’ll be able to eat off them!
4) Spring Cleaning
Need a deeper clean for your home? We'll send a team to get the job done whether its for a seasonal clean, or a general move-in/move-out clean.